HOW TO: Create content that ‘sticks’ when presenting

Whether you’re launching new products, winning new customers or turning employees into brand champions, a dynamic and engaging presentation will set you apart from your competitors. Lyndon Nicholson, Co-CEO of Article10 Presentations, discusses the importance of creating business presentations that will motivate your audience to act long after your presentation is over.

Arguably, presenting is the most important setting in which to forge a business relationship. Foul it up and it’s all over.  However a presentation is not just an opportunity to share information. A successful presentation needs to align with a defined purpose or goal in order for you to deliver something that actually achieves the required results. The main objective of the majority of business presentations is to clearly express your company’s expertise in relation to a specific issue, but most importantly your content must be relevant to your audience. It is imperative that you understand your crowd so that you can build in relevant points that will interest the listener and relate to their business goals or objectives.

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