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How to: Create effective DM campaigns

Tailored direct marketing can be highly effective – but businesses first have to understand who their customers are. Mark Roy, founder of The Data Agency, reveals four steps to maximise the effectiveness of your DM campaigns

For businesses around the world, there’s phenomenal value in the effective management and application of data. Even companies that have small customer bases can often hold a large volume of customer data. Yet, despite the huge dividends on offer, some marketers and business people are still hesitant to implement effective data strategies. This may well be down to industry terms like big data making things sound much more complicated and impenetrable than they really are. Big data is really just ‘more data’, and developments in tech make it relatively straightforward for experts to sift through the data and advise companies on the best strategy to take.

Even data novices can ensure they’re maximising their return on investment in data by following some simple steps: