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HOW TO: Create an effective email campaign

Email marketing has developed a standing as a cost-effective and efficient means to get messages across. It has also become known as a tool for delivering good ROI. However, in order to achieve all of the above, you need to consider the bigger picture. This means planning each step of your activity to develop an effective email campaign:

1. Have good contacts
Ensure that your database of contacts is of high quality. Start with your existing contacts that are relevant targets and acquire others from credible bodies to grow the list. Cleanse the data regularly so that it always contains valid and up to date email addresses.

2. Making the end justify the means
Ensure that your content is worthy of reading, and not simply spam for the reader. You should also always bear in mind three key things before you send out your communication: relevance, content and frequency. If you hire an agency to implement a one-off campaign, you should collaborate with them closely so that the final product takes into consideration of all the various factors, instead of simply ensuring short-term ROI.