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HOW TO: Create a great brief

We know that a campaign will only ever be as good as the brief that inspires it. However, we occasionally produce briefs that are muddled, unfocused and ambiguous. In B2B we deal with complex products and services, and we target decision-making units that comprise a number of people, each with different priorities and needs. Communicating exactly what we want to achieve is more critical than ever.

It never hurts, therefore, to revisit the basics and ask: what makes the perfect brief?

If you are new to briefing, or feel you need some help, your agency account handlers are very happy to assist; a better brief from you means better work from them. Most reputable B2B agencies have workshop programmes that help define exactly what you are trying to achieve in your communication programmes. These can be helpful as well as being fun. A workshop will often reveal things about your organisation that you never realised.