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HOW TO: Deliver a compelling brand experience

The experience that any customer, prospect, influencer or opinion-former gains when coming into contact with your brand has a profound and lasting effect on their perception of what you offer. And it is a lot harder to overcome a bad impression than to lose a good one.

It is of course self evident that people's perceptions are coloured by their experiences - but it is one often overlooked in the context of B2B. We are used to expecting people in a B2B environment - buying or evaluating for their company - to be governed by logic and motivated by rational argument. But we know now that this is not the case - and that people buying in a work context have the same emotional responses as when they are acting as consumers. This is why B2B brands need to be clear about the emotional response they want to instigate and ensure that the experiences they are delivering, match and consistently replicate that initial brand experience. So much lasting damage can be done when the brand promises one thing and the customer experience delivers another.

Delivering compelling experiences is too important to leave up to chance and a vague notion that you would know what people want. It needs to be approached methodically and logically, and communicated succinctly and intelligently.