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HOW TO: Ensure a consistent brand across all channels

Ensure your brand guidelines are accessible and tailored to everyone across the business, says Simon Wright, managing director at Greenwich Design

Many B2B organisations invest significant amounts of money in creating their brand, a visual shorthand for their business that creates a distinct and recognisable face within the marketplace. Brand consistency is an absolute prerequisite as it helps to reassure all stakeholders they will receive the same brand experience wherever they are.

Yet, numerous companies leave to chance how their brand is used across different business touchpoints. The main reason is their brand guidelines don’t work. These are often created as massive tomes containing every conceivable bit of rationale, information and specification – but they tend to end up on the shelves of the ‘brand manager’ who commissioned them and the agency that produced them. They look great but are often too complex for providing the relevant information to those on the ground tasked with implementing or using the brand.