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HOW TO: Get the best out of Google Caffeine

Google has rolled out its latest algorithm update to build on last year’s Caffeine system. Caragh McKenna, senior manager of SEO at The Search Agency, explores the implications for B2B brands

Never one to be complacent, Google has launched an algorithm update with a focus on freshness. This builds on last year’s Caffeine/QDDF web indexing system, which aims to refine search results in order to only deliver the results that people are really searching for; whether that’s up-to-the-minute news, a summary of information from a week ago, or an older page. Google’s software engineer, Amit Singhal, who outlined in his blog post that “different searches have different freshness needs”, hailed the new era of Google searches, giving Internet users what they really want. So what’s changed?

1. Regularly occurring updates
Singhal pointed out that the new rollout is designed for three main types of search; the first being regularly recurring events, such as social media stats. Google will now assume that the searcher is looking for the most up-to-date information. For example, the most recent industry statistics, as opposed to statistics from last year. It seems logical.