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HOW TO: Get personal with email

What's the first thing people want to know when they look at their inbox? They want to quickly decide - within seconds - what to do with each email. And how do they do that? By the 'instant recognition' factor. Even before looking at the subject line or judging an email on the prior value provided by the company, they want to know whom the email is from.

Here's a clear illustration of the power of 'from': A Newsweaver customer in the telecoms sector sends a regular email newsletter to their business customers. They had previously been sending it from the company name. We had them perform an A/B split test, sending the same newsletter and subject line to their database, but with list A receiving it from their account manager and list B from the company. The results are shown below:

What are the choices?
There are actually a number of choices you can make for the 'from' field. (This field is not to be confused with the actual from email address; we'll cover that one in a moment). The main motive for the selection will be based on it correctly reflecting the relationship you have with that recipient. The goal is to have the email immediately recognisable to the recipient in a positive way. Here are your choices: