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HOW TO: Get your brand smartphone ready

It is a truth universally acknowledged that more people are accessing the internet on their mobile phone. In September 2009, just 0.02 per cent of all UK web traffic originated from a mobile device. In January 2011 this figure was a staggering 8.09 per cent (representing a growth of over 4000 per cent).

Not that long ago, we went on the internet on a desktop computer and made telephone calls and text messages on our mobile phones. Now people expect to go online with their smartphones and many people only have a tablet or a smartphone, bypassing a PC completely. In an act that confirms the convergence of mobile and internet, search engine behemoth Google recently purchased mobile hardware manufacturer Motorola. This move further acknowledges mobile as the vehicle of choice for internet activities.

You need to be thinking about how your website is functioning when interacted with on a smartphone. Stand in your customers’ shoes for an hour and interact with your brand’s website. What is it like visiting the website using not just your own smartphone, but other models too (the top browsers for using the internet on your mobile are as listed below). How is the website performing when you try and carry out several basic tasks? How about the site’s main ‘conversion’ task (booking, purchasing etc)? Try this with several of the main five browsers and ask others to test it to get a broad picture of how the user experience is currently. Don’t forget to test how emails are being received to web-based email providers – this is often overlooked, and many people will receive your emails on their mobile phone.