HOW TO: Implement cost effective marketing in a fragile economy

Value for Money
The recent economic down turn has made organisations even more conscience than ever before about their budgets. Many organisations today are still being careful about where they spend their money and how they spend it. Most B2B marketers are familiar with the challenges of working with limited budgets yet expected to increase sales and business opportunities. So, how can you get more value from every pound, euro or dollar spent on demand generation activity?
Here are some key guidelines which will help you generate a better return for your money.

Know your Target Market
Before performing any focused and effective sales or marketing activity you have to know your audience. Defining your target market will help you understand which companies you should be selling to and who within the company you need to speak to.

The following factors need to be taken into consideration:
- size of the organisation by turnover and staff
- industry vertical
- impact of economic conditions
- key competitors and other offerings.