HOW TO: Integrate mobile into your social media strategy

I would like to throw a little mobile marketing into the social media mix this month. After all, simple Darwinism applied to business thinking has proven how important it is to strive to keep ahead of the curve.

We should not ignore the impact that smartphones and social media are having on our lives. I for one probably use my smartphone more for web browsing, social networking, blogging and email beyond the workplace than I use my laptop.

Yes, this could well be early-adopter territory I'm speaking about but realistically I'm just one of 650 million people globally - according to eMarketer in March 2010 - who are now using their smartphones more and more for tasks such as email and social networking. This number is set to rocket due to the penetration of affordable smartphones within the market. Research from Comscore in December 2009 supports this theory - it found that 70 per cent of smartphone users have accessed email and 43 per cent have accessed social networks via their devices.