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HOW TO: Make sure your website can talk to international customers

Let's assume you've got a website and business is positively booming from a domestic point of view. Now let's throw the following statistic up in the air: only a quarter of the Earth's population speak English...over 90 per cent of which do so as a second language.

There's approaching two billion people online across the globe, 40 per cent of whom are in Asia alone. China has 30 per cent more internet users than the entire United States. Importantly, over half of all Google searches are in a language other than English.

This all points to one thing: the world is a massive marketplace that is there for the taking. Of course, language is a pretty mighty barrier for those not blessed with fluency in anything other than their native tongue. But as the saying goes fortune favours the bold and to go global, necessitates that you tackle the language and cultural barriers head on.