HOW TO: Make video effective on the social web

As brands face huge challenges to produce ads that are worth sharing and agencies increasingly focus on engagement as a measure of ROI, Rebecca Powell, Global VP of marketing at social video platform Ebuzzing shares her seven golden rules for maximising engagement through premium video advertising.

Guaranteeing that adverts and creative campaigns translate to the social web is a growing consideration for brands who want to foster new levels of brand engagement. Online video has established itself as a staple for brands wanting to deliver impactful brand messages to a new audience at a fraction of the cost associated with traditional TV advertising. With the use of social video, brands can now reach the scale that was once achieved through TV while, tracking engagement and how people are responding to that video content in real time. 

Video offers a new level of brand interaction by engaging with an audience in a social setting where users have high intention and a propensity to engage, share and interact with the content. Social video is about far more than placing an ad on YouTube: with it comes a whole new set of considerations.