HOW TO: Make whitepapers work for you

Have you ever considered using a whitepaper to generate leads? The power of whitepapers is all too well known in America. Almost every B2B marketing manager selling something in the US that's new, complex, misunderstood or expensive has a whitepaper to promote. After all, 85 per cent of technology decision makers have read a whitepaper to help them make a purchasing decision.  

In the UK, however, not all B2B marketers are entirely sure of how to integrate a whitepaper into their marketing campaigns, so here are the main steps I recommend to get you started:

Step 1: Determine if a whitepaper would be suitable
Whitepapers educate and persuade readers and decision makers by proposing solutions to problems. They explain, objectively and comprehensively, how a technology, product or service can overcome challenges. For technologies, products and services that are new, complex, misunderstood or expensive, a whitepaper can give decision makers the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions, which are ultimately favourable to your company.