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HOW TO: Make your staff brand ambassadors

Many B2B companies have gone through mergers and takeovers, with the associated churn in staff, sense of insecurity, loss of implicit knowledge and know-how... So, more than ever, B2B companies need to re-address the way they interact with their employees. Positive interaction, fostering brand engagement, can have a massively beneficial impact on your company - and your bottom line.

1. Boost the role of employees in brand communications
B2B companies' employees are one of their most powerful assets and need to be recognised as such in any brand communications programme. Including an 'employee engagement programme' as a part of your brand plan is a good start. The role of the employee in branding the company is critical - whether it be sales, customer services, or technical support, all have direct customer interface. In effect, they are the brand.

2. Understand the networks that employees use
Customers and suppliers form relatively small, interlinked professional worlds. Many of them know each other, often from previous employment positions. Markets talk, so it's time to start listening to what your employees are saying about the company - document both the good and the not so good.