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HOW TO: Manage your brand

If you are responsible for managing your brand, you will know that it's no easy task. It's your job not only to plan the strategy, but also to organise the brand-building activities, managing agencies while also overseeing internal communications. After all this, it's hardly surprising that many brand managers are guilty of overlooking the importance of monitoring brand progress. It's one thing working out where your brand should be going, but how do you know if you have got there?

Sales figures or other general business metrics are not enough. And if you are unlucky enough to have brand-sceptical senior management breathing down your neck and questioning every investment you make, you need a way to prove the value that you are bringing to the business. Monitoring is an essential part of branding because it will help you to ensure branding is funded as it should be and it will, of course, increase the effectiveness of what you are doing by proving that your work is having the desired effect.

How does your brand measure up?