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HOW TO: Maximise ROI from promotional marketing

Promotional items must go beyond gimmicks to deliver real marketing objectives, says Ian Hodgson, head of merchandise at Charterhouse

With nearly half of marketers spending more on promotional merchandise this year than last, and all businesses sharpening their focus on ROI, it is vital marketers have the right processes in place to maximise their investment in promotional marketing.

Earlier this year, the British Promotional Merchandise Association released research suggesting that promotional merchandise is a particularly cost-effective way of raising brand awareness during a recession.

The best promotional merchandise campaigns are on the marketing agenda at the first wider campaign meeting and come from a collaborative approach between brand, creative and production experts. This ensures creativity is pushed beyond a logo slapped on a USB stick to maximise the real value of the product. This could mean tying it in to the wider campaign through social media, for example, to get the right people thinking about the brand. 

So, what can B2B marketers do to ensure their next promotional merchandising campaign is a success?