How to: Pick a content management platform

Fabio Torlini, MD EMEA at WP Engine, outlines five things B2B brands should consider when choosing a content management system

To create a loyal following, your brand needs a website that conveys your company’s personality, has quality content that entices visitors to come back, but more importantly, offers a unique and interactive experience for customers.

WP Engine's recent CMO survey revealed 89 per cent of senior marketing decision makers recognise the importance of using digital platforms to achieve both marketing and business objectives. So, when choosing a content management system (CMS) it’s important marketers consider a platform that not only resembles their brand externally, but is flexible, fast, secure and easy to use. By doing so, brands are able to provide the exceptional experience customers demand when accessing their website.

But, in an online world full of choice, what are the five key features marketers need to address when weighing up which content management platform to choose?