HOW TO: Reach key decision makers

When Adobe wanted to tell senior 3D CAD designers about a new product, it knew it had to do something special to get its message through to these busy, in-demand people; so it brought in help from marketing agency Mason Zimbler.

Mark Mason, CEO of Mason Zimbler, recalls, "95 per cent of B2B direct marketing ends up in the bin, so we knew we'd have to come up with something highly relevant and creative if we were to avoid that fate."

He continues, "These people are absorbed in problem-solving, so we created a 3D direct mail piece, which was based around the solution to a significant technical problem the designers had with the original Spitfire. The problem was that its engines would cut out when the fuel supply was inverted, and this limited its manoeuvrability against the Messerschmitt. The piece showed how the engineers solved this tricky problem and it really struck a chord with the senior designers, achieving an excellent response."