HOW TO: Retarget abandoned baskets

While basket abandonment is often regarded as a bad thing, it does in fact offer a reflection of the buying process: visitor’s comparing options, price checking, looking at delivery dates and charges, so it’s not something to lie awake worrying about. However, abandoned baskets do signal an opportunity, and abandoned basket retargeting should be a key part of any digital B2B marketing mix.

Businesses need to implement a strategy to make the most of basket abandonment by recognising that when a customer places items in a basket, they are expressing interest in the product. Although they haven’t completed the purchase, the interest or intent was there and today’s smart technology is able to automatically recognise an ‘abandoned basket’ and take action to help turn them into additional revenue for the business. Targeting customers with the right message at the right time can bring them back to their basket, and even help to increase basket sizes. This is even truer in the B2B space, as the community of potential buyers is typically smaller, the order values larger, and the opportunity to contact these potential customers via phone, email or web or in person are often greater.

To turn abandoned baskets to their advantage B2B marketers should consider the following tips: