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HOW TO: Sell a rebrand to your board

Nick Farrar, director of Workbrands, gives advice on how to get the required investment when you are building your case for a brand overhaul

As marketers or brand professionals, we understand the intrinsic value of a rebrand to contribute to the company’s overall brand success. But how best to get board buy-in – particularly when in practice, the change is, more often than not, symbolised visually by no more than a typeface, colour palette and some graphics? Merely changing the visual elements, in fact, does nothing to boost the brand or overall profit if fundamentals such as brand strategy, personality and position remain the same. It can be a pointless exercise without a thorough analysis and the required investment.

Selling a rebrand to your board can feel like climbing Mount Everest – not impossible but definitely tricky. Here are my top tips: