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HOW TO: Stay on the right side of Google Penguin

B2B brands must ensure ‘white-hat’ SEO tactics if they’re to avoid being penalised by Google’s recent algorithm update, says Kelvin Newman, strategy director at SiteVisibility

Google is constantly making changes to its algorithms, and most are so small that people never even notice. However, one of the search giant’s latest and most significant updates is Google Penguin – a new update aimed at targeting web spam. Google has stated this update will target around three per cent of queries, and in a competitive B2B landscape you may have found your site’s search performance has been affected.

According to Google, Penguin is designed to, ‘decrease rankings for sites that we believe are violating Google’s existing quality guidelines.’ Although Google has always made an attempt to target web spam, this algorithm is a further improvement to reduce it and promote higher quality content.