HOW TO: Succeed with content marketing and increase sales

Content marketing is a major challenge for B2B marketers. Chris Hare, business partner at Ogilvy reveals four steps to content marketing success.

In our B2B marketing leaders survey, we asked for respondents’ top three challenges. The good news is that content came out as the number one issue. In the past marketers may have focused on the new opportunities; social, blogs, mobile, and the need to make them work harder – often in isolation. Now everyone is recognising what we say and the stories we tell are more important than where we say it. It feels controversial saying we should focus on the ‘what’ rather than the ‘how’ but it shouldn’t be, and fortunately from the evidence of the research you seem to agree.For B2B marketers, especially those with limited budgets, their content strategy should be the glue holding everything together. Below are four things marketers need to remember.