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HOW TO: Successfully utilise SMS marketing

When discussing B2B marketing strategies today, it would be completely remiss to not incorporate best practices for mobile. With over 6 billion mobile subscriptions globally, SMS and future IP mobile messaging channels have the potential to fundamentally change how B2B communications, enabling decision makers and marketers to build a deeper, more personal brand engagement model to reach target business audiences. 

Whether you’re the CEO of a global corporation or a small business on a shoestring budget, your mobile device is now a critical tool. The ubiquity and reliability of the SMS platform allows messages to be delivered to anybody, regardless of handset or network, making it an extremely efficient alternative to more traditional marketing methods.

Mobile marketing today is such a broad and sophisticated channel.  However, while  many pioneering brands are starting to leverage smartphones and internet enabled Over-The-Top (OTT) applications, they risk overlooking the potential of a multi-channel approach that includes the most universal and accessible channel –SMS. This is especially critical as SMS channels have a 95% open rate, with most text messages read within just 15 minutes.