HOW TO: Tailor online events to target different audiences

Planning an online event? Andy Bargery, managing director at Klaxon, describes a six-step process on how to set up your online event campaign for success from the outset

The increasing use of online events in B2B marketing is hardly surprising when you consider some of the key benefits: lower cost than physical events, more easily measured outcomes, the creation of fresh marketing assets message amplification post-event, etc. It’s therefore unsurprising to hear reports that webinars have grown by around 75 per cent since 2008. But how do you know which audiences will engage with which online event formats?

1. Set your objectives
Start off by defining what you want to achieve with your online event campaign. Are you looking to drive new leads into your pipeline, or move leads through the buying cycle? Perhaps your goal is to drive up-sell or cross-sell opportunities?
All of the above and more can be supported through online events, but you need to define this clearly at the outset.