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HOW TO: Use Facebook

This guide is one of a series designed to give B2B marketers an insight into how to best use the key social media platforms for their business. The aim is not to provide a complete strategy for their use - this will of course vary depending on each situation - but to raise some of the points that will need consideration, and to give guidelines for effective implementation.

What is Facebook?
Where the youth congregate and the adults communicate, Facebook has become a phenomenon of our generation. Launched in 2006, the social networking platform has more than 400 million active users of which 50% log in daily. Facebook has recently overtaken the search engine giant Google, receiving 7.97% of all internet traffic.

For many B2B marketers Facebook is a new and unexplored area of their marketing plan, and many presume that this social media platform is not relevant for B2B audiences. However, it has grown so fast that it now has to be considered as a powerful marketing tool with significant potential for brand awareness and direct customer communications.