HOW TO: Use marketing emails to trigger viral conversation

Email can provide the ideal gateway to social media engagement says Luke Griffiths, VP professional services at E-Dialog International. Here are his top tips

With the emergence of the social media age the ongoing prominence of marketing emails has been called into question. However, our recent e-Dialog Global E-mail Attitudes Survey research revealed that far from being usurped by social networking in the online marketing landscape, email now provides the catalyst for kick-starting the journey. The research showed that consumers across 13 countries are prompted by marketing emails into brand advocacy among their peers via social networks, indicating the wider potential for email to help trigger viral conversation between businesses in the social media age.

While this presents an array of new opportunities for online B2B marketers, a carefully considered strategy is required if you are to capitalise on its potential, drive brand advocacy, and avoid communication breakdown.

Become a valuable information source
While the fundamental needs of business professionals are relatively simple when it comes to the information they expect to gain from receiving your marketing email, the challenge is to ensure that you overcome the initial hurdle of persuading them to even open the mail, without consigning it to the junk folder.