HOW TO: Use research to optimise your online video campaign

Online video is a great way to capture your customers' attention, but how do you know if it's working? Ryan Van Fleet, director of insights and analytics at Tremor Media, has produced a video and Dan Ruch, VP Europe at Tremor Media, produced the accompanying text about the importance of using the right metrics when assessing effectiveness of online video advertising.

Online video advertising is a rapidly growing industry, but is still in relative infancy in the UK. According to recent IAB figures more than two thirds of UK marketers are planning to increase their online video ad spend in 2011. Many have observed the potential shown by the online video industry’s success in the US.

Online video can engage customers with short and informative ads that make the often complex messages of B2B marketing more compelling. Rather than trying to drive customers through to a B2B marketer’s website, online video ads can bring the brand and product experiences to the viewer in whatever online environment they happen to be in at the time. Through a range of interactive elements online video can directly address customer concerns and queries and provide additional information, like product demos, image galleries, and access to LinkedIn profiles.