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HOW TO: Use Twitter

What is Twitter?
If you've been hiding in a cave for the last two years, you might need to know that Twitter is a hugely popular microblogging service, with over 75 million users. Its rapid growth has made it both the poster child of the social media movement and the main target for social media sceptics.


Twitter critics argue, quite rightly, that many of the 75m are dormant users and much of the content is trivial. This is of course true, but Twitter proponents would argue that it is the freedom of users to share small, informal pieces of information in real time that has made it [for some] an extremely useful service.

The number of active users is lower than the headlines suggest, but the fact remains that an enormous amount of information is exchanged over Twitter and B2B marketers would be wrong to dismiss it, since it is a key area where business buyers seek information on the issues and products that are relevan to them.