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Ignore traditonal media at your peril

Anews item in the June 24 edition of Precision Marketing points out that during the first quarter of this year, direct mail (both B2B and B2C) declined in expenditure by 8.8 per cent. In the same period, according to the Advertising Association, growth in Internet spend rose by 51.5 per cent. On the next page, there is ironically a full page ad for Google AdWords. It is of course ironic that one of the main recipients of the growth in Internet spend is choosing to advertise offline. The Google ad is mostly a testimonial from a business saying how much more efficient and what better value Google-based advertising is than online advertising. To prove this, Google are offering a £20 voucher to induce people to buy their keyword advertising. However, since the call to action is to visit “” it is little wonder that their offline ads may not generate the response they desired.

Nevertheless, it is a phenomenon we have all noticed: Internet spend is growing exponentially when compared with other marketing media. It seems that at last – and several years later than all the pundits predicted – the Internet is actually proving to be a useful and valuable addition to the media mix. But how is this affecting the world of B2B? Is it just an FMCG trend?