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Knowledge is power for the future of search

Search marketing is gradually becoming an all-pervasive marketing tool in business-to-business. This is according to new research by B2B Marketing, which revealed that it is currently being used by 81 per cent of companies, an increase of eight per cent since September 2004, when the publication last ran a search marketing survey.

This growth is set to continue, according to the survey, with almost 80 per cent of respondents expecting to increase their investment in search during the next 12 months, whilst under two per cent expect spend to decline. During the previous 12 months, almost 60 per cent increased spend. Figures from B2B Marketing's previous research suggest that the trend is increasing: two years ago only 59 per cent expected to spend more on search in the coming year.

Further to this, the fact that almost 19 per cent of companies are still not using search marketing confirms there is considerable scope for the market to continue to grow. This is supported by the results for the question on types of search marketing used, with 'website optimisation/natural search' and 'pay-per-click' predictably proving to be the most popular flavours.