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Managing change and marketing strategies

I have recently been examining issues involved in marketing change management. The kind of changes I am referring to include the introduction of a customer relationship management approach and the migration of brands and products across countries after a merger. It seems the biggest barrier to successful change is deployment of change management techniques, and when companies do deploy them the change is much more likely to be successful and profitable.

However, such success is rare. Putting it another way, marketers are not very good at managing change, but when they do it well, it works. Further, it seems that one of the constant worries of chief executives is whether their company has enough senior people who are good at managing change.

This led me to wonder why. One of my conclusions was that marketing training never focuses on change management. Another was that marketers are rarely exposed to good change management practice. They are also rarely rewarded for achieving high quality change. Their rewards are normally more closely tied to the success with which they deploy their existing marketing mix.