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Measuring effectiveness

In the world of B2B, measuring the effectiveness of our activity has sometimes been ignored or certainly relegated to an afterthought. The Institute of Practitioners (IPA) in Advertising has recently published its compendium of the 25 years of its Effectiveness Awards: Advertising works and how. Each year, the awards are made on the effectiveness of the campaigns judged by the metrics put in place to gauge success. From 1980 to 2004 its “roll of honour” of grand prix winners contains some memorable campaigns. Not one of them is from businesses marketing to other businesses.

Why is this? I don't believe that B2B creativity is that lacking in relation to B2C; nor is it that most of the award winners are TV based and therefore not in B2B territory. I believe that not enough serious B2B campaigns have been subjected to the rigour of proper metrics to assess their effectiveness.

Are we in the B2B world really that bad at measuring the effectiveness of our work? And why should this be?