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'The Millennials' are coming

The vast majority of European and UK businesses are blind to the potential, or indeed threat, of peer-to-peer communications, e.g. blogs , which promise to transform the ways that companies market themselves to customers and suppliers. These findings came about after Xerox asked Forrester Consulting to conduct a major pan-European study, undertaken in Oct/Nov 2006, into the changing workplace.

For Xerox, it is essential that we identify trends so that we can adapt our business to meet the needs of tomorrow's workplace. The study, 'Is Europe Ready For The Millennials?' is the first of its kind to analyse how Europe's business leaders are preparing for the upcoming technology-literate generation, dubbed 'The Millennials' by Forrester Consulting.

The Internet, with the delivery of instantaneous communication, has revolutionised the way we do business, increased productivity and has become ubiquitous in the workplace. Crucially, however, the study highlights a disconnect between business and the Internet's opinion-formers.