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Missing a trick: A site with no SEO

 Richard Bush, MD, Base OneThis campaign by Royal Mail has split opinion in my office. The account team like it and the creative team hate it. I like it, but I could like it so much more. I've chosen it to highlight what is a real opportunity for many B2B marketers – using campaign sites more effectively. Not just to increase the conversion of responses from a DM campaign but as a media in itself. They can be a powerful way of driving awareness, generating prospects and reaching out, cost-effectively, to a new audience. But as you'll see, it takes a change in mindset.


The idea behind the campaign is to convince agency staff that digital should not replace direct mail, but that the two work best alongside each other. The idea is expressed through a well-executed, animated character called Mr Complete. It's a highly targeted, and I suspect very high cost, campaign. I received two DM pieces – one two-dimensional and one three-dimensional (as did eight other people in our office) and my specific domain is The Evaluator is still relevant for a campaign site because it is – or at least should be – designed to move the user down a purchase funnel in the same way a main site is.