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OPINION: Totally demanding

  Zina MandaA lead these days can come from anywhere. Whatever the source, we need to be able to evaluate it and make sure that we make an appropriate and timely response. Social networks, blogs, podcasts, mobiles - they all need to be measured and assessed in real time before we can shape the most appropriate reaction.

To make this happen requires technology - and the good news is that it is out there. We can build our model - and then bring in the necessary kit to integrate all these processes and make them work productively and quickly. Multi-channel automation is a reality.

But I'd sound a note of caution. I'm not the first person to say this, and I won't be the last, but in all this is a need to get right down to the basics. If we are to make automated demand generation work we need to get right down into the bowels of our businesses and bring together sales and marketing.