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OPINION: Value of social networking questioned by CMOs

  Fabio TorliniCMOs definitely see the value in digital marketing and are making lots of investment in this area - in a recent survey Rackspace Hosting conducted almost two thirds (61 per cent) said they plan to spend more than half their marketing budgets in the coming year on online marketing. However, one area of online marketing that CMOs are struggling to see the value in is social networking. Despite its phenomenal popularity, 92 per cent of respondents believe it is the least effective marketing medium.

Clearly social networking is not as developed as many other forms of marketing and this raises the issue of what how best to use social networks and how to get best value out of them. So those in charge of B-2-B marketing budgets face the challenge of answering the question, is social marketing a good place for them to be? At present it appears that many marketers are not sure what the best approach is. They fear it is difficult to get social networking right and also difficult to measure the results.

Social networking has clearly taken off in some areas, recruitment for example, but it is still unclear as to its value as a tool for lead generation and business development. In the B2B arena brand positioning is important and marketers must be confident they can successfully address this issue.