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A plea for proper planning

It seems an all too frequent way of doing business, especially in the B2B world of marketing communications, that the client asks their agency to come in to discuss the latest project. And of course the agency dutifully arrives and is told of – or sometimes gets given there and then – the latest brief for the latest project.

A good brief will, of course, contain all the important information like who the target audience is, what we want to say to them, what we want them to do as a result and how we are going to contact them. And often it will tell us what we are allowed to spend and what results are expected. Often this information has been assembled by the client with no discussions with their agency. Of course, the client knows its markets better than the agency, and diligent ones will take seriously the need to keep the agency abreast of all the important things they need to understand to do a good job.