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PROFILE: Andrew McGrath - Director of Marketing & Strategy, NTL Telewest Business

Being successful in business is to a great extent about being at the right place at the right time. For some, this can simply be down to luck, whilst others have effectively placed themselves to take advantage of circumstances. Andrew McGrath, director of marketing & strategy at NTL Telewest Business, is certainly amongst the latter, having successfully negotiated his career through various mergers and acquisitions amidst the politics of global organisations, into what he describes as “the best job in telecoms.”

This is a bold claim for any marketer so how can McGrath justify it? The company was formed through the merger of the separate NTL and Telewest businesses in 2006 and bolstered earlier this year by its acquisition by Virgin. But prior to Branson's high-profile swoop, it was already the largest competitor to BT in the UK telecoms market and more significantly, the most profitable. “ We generate more profit than all of the other 'alt-nets' (alternative networks to BT) put together,” explains McGrath.

The main reason for such economic disparity is that unlike other BT rivals, it owns its own high-bandwidth physical cable network through which it transmits voice and data services. This network was built to deliver consumer TV, but also delivers a business service at a significantly reduced cost. Other alt-nets have to pay to piggyback BT's services, which means they pass on costs to customers.