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PROFILE: Caroline Meechan - Director of Sales and Marketing, Marriott Incentive Vouchers

For the showbiz journalist walking on to a film set, the chance of seeing Angelina Jolie or getting a tour around a fabulous spa is routine. But when your field is B2B marketing these occurrences are rare unless your subject is Caroline Meechan, director of sales and marketing at Marriott Incentive Vouchers. We meet inside the Chancery Court Hotel on High Holborn where everything from the colossal chandeliers in the reception to the selection of (free) truffles and sugared brazil nuts on the coffee tables scream opulence. Outside Hollywood looms large on the set of 'Love and Other Disasters' and the hotel security talk in hushed tones about the imminent arrival of one Angelina Jolie. This is not everyday and Meechan is not an everyday B2B marketer.

Within minutes she's talked to enough of the right people to know the name of the film and who's in it. All the while organising the interview: ushering us into the café, choosing the right table, ordering the beverages. This is where her mastery lies: speaking to people and seamlessly fitting the pieces together. Let me explain.

In one day Meechan may talk to clients (marketing people in blue chip companies), her American colleagues, and hotel staff – who could be anyone from the manager to the receptionist. This diverse audience is born of Marriott Incentive Vouchers' unique position: it is neither part of nor entirely separate from the parent hotel company, Marriott International. On the balance sheet it's independent but its offerings are essentially the same: it sells vouchers for accommodation, dining, spa treatments and golf sessions at Marriott hotels to businesses who use them to motivate and thank individual members of staff.