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PROFILE: Danielle Atkins - Head of Inward Investment, Cornwall Pure Business

Arguably the best spur to ambition is comparison with others. It's part of human nature to look at other people's lifestyles and jobs and consider that – to use a well-worn but utterly appropriate cliché – “the grass is greener over there.” All too often such comparisons lack objectivity, are conducted without perfect knowledge and therefore draw inaccurate conclusions. Yet without a doubt there are individuals which we encounter who seem to have got it right; either personally, professionally or both. And in the business-to-business marketing arena, one such is Danielle Atkins, head of inward investment at Cornwall Pure Business, the inward investment campaign run ultimately by Cornwall County Council.

Born and raised in Cornwall, Atkins moved to London to study history of art at University College London, and following eight years in marketing (for agency Wheel and then client-side for PWC) returned to Cornwall with her husband and young son in 2003, in search of a life away from the rat-race. When the leadership role for the new Cornwall inward investment campaign was advertised, offering her the chance to make a difference to her much loved county and continue living her chosen lifestyle, naturally she jumped at it.

Atkins admits that she is – to a large extent – living out her dream, and her enthusiasm for the job and Cornwall in general is infectious. “I believe I am incredibly fortunate – I absolutely love this job. I'm passionate about Cornwall and believe it has a real future as a business location, particularly for industries such as the creative sector. I'm just extraordinarily happy to be doing this.”