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PROFILE: David Osbourne - Head of Marketing, Stanley Tools

The Grand Prix winner at the B2B Marketing Awards 2008 was Stanley Tools' 'Judgement day', a campaign that stands out for its innovation, sense of theatre and use of experiential marketing to get its audience truly involved. For a 160-year-old brand rooted in a traditional industry, this kind of campaign is certainly unusual. David Osborne – who has headed up the UK's marketing department at the brand for over two years now – is part of the team responsible for this innovative approach.

“We wanted to do something effective, rather than just spend all our budget on display or TV advertising, which can work, but is quite conventional,” he explains. And effective it was. The campaign (which is ongoing) promotes Stanley tools by inviting tradesmen to touch and feel them at events set up at building sites and trade shows. Challenges are run throughout the day in a full-size boxing ring, so the audience can take part in competitions such as 'Hammer time' – a race against the clock to see how fast a six-inch nail can be driven into wood using Stanley tools. So far, it has helped to increase sales in the UK by 17 per cent last year.

“Experiential marketing has been absolutely pivotal to our strategy, which involves re-engaging with our audience, and more importantly, converting them to using the products,” says Osborne. “We know that a key driver to people buying in our sector is holding and using the tool to experience the benefits of that product. 'Judgement day' does just that.