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PROFILE: Fabio Torlini - Marketing Director, Rackspace

  Fabio Torlini, RackspaceFabio Torlini is more than Rackspace's marketing director: as well as being incredibly knowledgeable about the IT hosting industry, he is also extremely passionate about the company he works for, and has helped steer it through a rapid period of expansion with his innovative marketing strategies and keen belief in customer service.

Since the hosting company was started in 2001, it has grown to about 20 times its original size. But when Torlini joined the company – pretty much from the word go, in 2002 – he was only its 14th employee. He says that at the time, it was a small, unknown brand – a change from his previous employer, Action Computer Supplies, which was the second largest IT reseller in the UK. But in the last seven years he has seen it grow to employ 400 in the UK (and 2000 in the US).

“It was a big move to make, but Rackspace seemed to have a great culture and a real buzz,” he says. “It was exciting to be part of a company that was growing, that wanted to invest and believed in customer service, so it was a positive move.” Taken on as the MD's “right hand man” Torlini's original job wasn't a marketing role, but within a few months, he was heading up the sales and marketing departments. Since then, marketing has grown to become a 12-strong team, with the sales team increasing from two to 80.