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PROFILE: Fausto Amoroso - Director of Marketing, Affiniti

Mergers and acquisitions are critical to the running of the economy. They act as buoys – keeping struggling companies afloat and in some cases even breathing new life into dead ducks. KPMG came to the rescue of Arthur Andersen after Enron and just last month Oracle acquired Siebel Systems although – in less controversial circumstances than the former.

Though with every Yang there's a Yin and, when it comes to acquisitions jobs, morale and brands, are all in the firing line. Redundancies are dealt with sensitively, morale is boosted, brands are dropped. C'est la vie. Brands are inanimate, easily disposable and on a hierarchy of tragedy they do not rate.

But if you are marketing director and you've done a good job creating a brand, communicating its values and inspiring affection for it amongst employees and customers, this has got to be gutting. People compare work projects to babies – with a brand or something that you actually conceptualise and then nurture and develop, this phrase is scarily close to the truth. One acquisition and it's destroyed, taken away. Even its mementoes – carefully crafted on mugs and mousemats – are purged.