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PROFILE: Jacqui Kean - Brand Marketing Director, The Economist

Just as I'm sitting down to interview Jacqui Kean, brand marketing director of The Economist, she drops what from my perspective is a bit of bombshell. "You know, we're not actually a B2B brand," she says. We're sitting in a spacious corner office in one of the three towers which make up the Economist Plaza, a prime piece of Mayfair real estate and the magazine's headquarters since 1964.

The location says everything about The Economist's status and clout as the gospel of free market economics. We're above the treetops, and the view behind me expands to take in St James' Park, Buckingham Palace and some of the most expensive and sought-after parts of London.

Understandably, given that I've singled her out to be the subject of this key profile piece on a leading B2B marketer, I'm more than a little concerned by this news.