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PROFILE: James Farrar - Head of Marketing, Bank of Scotland Corporate

There are many misconceptions about what makes a good or strong brand. Foremost amongst them, is the idea that a brand is nothing more than a logo or badge that a company can slap onto itself, and say: ìlook: this is who we are and what we stand for.î The truth is that good branding is about much more than what the organisation aspires to: it must be a reflection of what it actually is, and how it acts, thinks and behaves, across all its activities and interfaces. If the brand promise is not backed up in reality by the experience that the customer (and the wider market) has with the organisation, it will prove to be little more than a faÁade.

But this sense of the brand as a reflection ñ or perhaps embodiment ñ of the organisation itself, is one of the factors that has made Bank of Scotland Corporate (BoSC) stand out in the business marketing world. Correspondingly it was also one of the primary reasons why BoSC was recognised by our judging panel as the Best B2B Brand of 2005. Despite an impressive and diverse shortlist, in the end the decision was unanimous, reflecting the strength of BoSC's case.