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PROFILE: Juniper Network's Claire Macland

Macland is quietly confident, exuding a calm authority. I'm guessing she needs to be in her role as senior EMEA marketing director at Juniper Networks, managing a team of 38 people, spanning countries as diverse as Sweden and Dubai. I ask her to briefly explain the challenges she faces, with the products she markets.

"We sell the technology that underpins big networks - such as routers, switches and security devices," she says. "For us, if the most senior person can see the business impact of what we're offering, they are more likely to sign off a multi-million pound purchase order."

Taking on the big boys
Another major challenge, I suspect, is Juniper's most obvious competitor, Cisco. Macland is clear on the approach needed when taking on such a big name: "Our budget is very small in comparison, so we have to choose our battles. We don't get pulled onto anyone else's agenda. You can't outspend them, so you must try to outsmart them.