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PROFILE: Mark Savage - Director of Brand, Colt

We all like a bit of professional jargon. It makes us feel part of a club with its own secret language. For journalists, forget shorthand skills; it's about dropping words like 'freesheet', 'DPS' and 'Berliner' into conversations with like-minded hacks. And for marketers it's no different – frankly they're in a much better position as the marketing lexicon is broader than most professions.

Mark Savage joined telecoms company Colt in August last year as director of brand and he is no stranger to jargon. In fact, his first four months with the company can be summed up in one jargon-filled sentence: firstly, he created an 'awareness roadmap' which is now being rolled out across the 'footprint', more recently he initiated a 'culture mapping exercise' in an effort to highlight the company's 'vision and values' by tapping into all of the 'brand touchpoints', with the overall aim of positioning Colt as a 'challenger company'.

Some people use jargon as a smokescreen to disguise a lack of knowledge. This is not the case with Savage – he talks the talks and walks the walk.