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PROFILE: Pamela Edmond - Marketing and Communications Manager, BOC International

From the moment you walk through the door at BOC Industrial's headquarters in Guildford, it's quite clear where the company sees itself. The bust of Joseph Priestly – who invented the commercial applications for Oxygen in the 18th century – stationed behind the reception desk, says it all. BOC is an establishment heavy-weight, with roots dating back to the golden age of British industry, which has been facilitating much of our traditional industrial activities for well over a century (it was founded in the 1880s as Brin Oxygen Company). A new-fangled, here-today, gone-tomorrow business software house, it certainly is not.

Perhaps this is why the chirpy, upbeat (and instantly slightly irreverent) Australian-accented voice of its marketing & communications manager sounds just a little bit out of place. Pamela Edmond is young, pretty and vivacious, and certainly not everyone's preconception of a senior marketer at a small-C conservative old-school brand like BOC Industrial. However, beneath the charming exterior, there is an enormous sense of drive, purpose and passion for a brand that she has worked for on opposite sides of the world.

So how did this former Sydney resident end up in Surrey managing the marketing of specialist industrial gas services? “I drifted into B2B because of my experience,” she explains. “People say I should work in B2C because of my energy, but B2B has given me the freedom to use this energy.”