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PROFILE: Powwownow's Andy Pearce

Andy Pearce, CEO and head of marketing at Powwownow, is nothing if not enthusiastic. Not yet 40, he's already founded two businesses and now, at the helm of Powwownow – the conference calling company known for its outspoken marketing campaigns – he remains determined to make an impression.

“I like to stand out from the crowd, to challenge common thoughts on marketing,” he says. “Marketing is my great love, especially in what is essentially quite a dull marketplace.”

His CV is certainly not dull. After a two-year stint as a windsurfing instructor shortly after he left school, Pearce decided he needed to get a 'proper job.' He tried telemarketing for a while, but soon decided he wanted to work for himself and launched his first business venture, a wheelie bin cleaning company called Bin Clean, which he started in 1991, having borrowed a thousand pounds to buy a van and cleaning equipment.